Kindle Daily Deal Today, Xmas Eve

Nightstalkers by Bob Mayer

Nightstalkers by Bob Mayer

Just in time for Christmas!  All three Area 51: Nightstalkers books are the Kindle Daily Deal today, only.  Only $1.99 each.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t in time for Festivus; but there is no gift giving at Festivus, just the airing of grievances and feats of strength.

TimePatrol NewThe 4th book in the series, Time Patrol, will be out 24 February.  And I’m finishing up the 5th book. Even though these are 47North titles (published by Amazon), I’ve had Jen work up a cover for that 5th book as it’s going to launch what I think is a new and exciting concept, where the Time Patrol focuses on one day (different years throughout history) where they have to travel back and have that single 24 hours to make sure our timeline isn’t changed by the bad guys.  Very cool and fun to write with a lot of history.

What do you think of the cover on the left?  And just think, they go back to six October 29ths throughout history.  Which years?  One, of course, is a slam dunk.  Black Tuesday.  But the others aren’t so easy.

Cool Gus Sassy Becca Under DeskCool Gus and Sassy Becca are exhausted from their feats of strength yesterday and are resting.  I think they aired some grievance, but they’re dogs so . . .

I think it had something to do with “More Food!”

Wishing everyone a great holiday season and best wishes for 2015!

Festivus for the Rest of Us– Happy Holidays.

IMG_1849Today is Festivus!  Let the airing of grievances begin.  I’m sure Cool Gus, if he could speak, has one or two. If only I could figure out what they are?

Are you prepared for feats of strength?

I got a lot of problems with you people.  Yeah. You.  And You.  You know who I’m talking to.

Actually, not really. Grievances are waste of energy.  One thing I focused on in 2014 was to not be negative.  Also my wife says I’m a contrarian. I’m afraid I must disagree, but since she’s always right, I’ve worked on that too.

festivus-pole2014 was a tough year at Write on the River.  My father passed away early in the year; part of the greatest generation.  He fought in World War II, which some considered the last ‘good war’ although I’m not sure any war is good.  A necessary evil at rare times perhaps.  Parents shape us, in many ways, both conscious and subconscious.  It makes you reflect and wonder what kind of parent you have been and are.

Multiple surgeries, not all turning out as well as we would have liked, but the end result appears to be better than when going in.

On the plus side, Riley K, the future leader of the resistance and my grandson, is progressing well in his training for the war against the machines.  Getting ready to move him up to heavy weapons and demolition.

Bottom line is to cherish each day, because it will not come this way again.  And remember to be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.  Most often it is one you cannot see.  So let’s cut each other a lot of slack.

I wish all of you happy holidays.

Now off to wrestle Cool Gus!


It’s a Dog Day with Cool Gus—If He Stays Around

IMG_0158Gus loves the Jeep. We’ve realized that if we can’t find him (those of you with dogs know that if you can’t see the dog, something is wrong), we’ve learned to check the Jeep in the garage. If I left the back gate open, as I sometimes do, Gus will always jump in, climb into the passenger seat, and just sit there.

Not Becca. She’ll get into the Jeep if I ask politely, sometimes beg. And if she’s first up the ramp, she takes the passenger seat and Gus is Cool with that. No fussing. If she’s not first, she goes in the back, but when I get out, she slides through into the driver seat. Because she’s alpha. They get their pictures taken everywhere we go, because they both just sit there calmly, no fussing or barking, staring out at the world, as if exceedingly bored with all this human stuff.

When we lived on Whidbey Island, I took Gus running every day. Either in Saratoga Woods or Putney Woods. Gus loves running in the woods. (Becca, not so much). But he’s a lab. Unlike other breeds (such as German Shepherds who bond with one person), labs bond with everyone. Even though I feed him, Cool Gus likes everyone. And the problem was, sometimes he’d get ahead of me on a run, and if someone else ran by, he’d decide to run with them. After all, it’s all about the running right? One day he latched onto a couple running and followed them for miles. While I was running around on the trails yelling for him. They ended up taking him home and calling me. I mean, what a doofus.

Back to Gus and the Jeep. We’ve learned it isn’t just the Jeep. One day I met the UPS guy and he told us the previous day he’d come by when we weren’t there. He put a package at the door and got back in his truck and started it up and then about had a heart attack when he turned and Gus was just sitting there in the passenger seat. Ready to get shipped somewhere I suppose.

So if Cool Gus is dropped off at your house by UPS, drop me a line and I’ll come get him.


Ascension: This Aint Sharknado on #Syfy

AscensionSpoiler Alert—if you haven’t watched the three episodes of Ascension, the latest release from the Syfy Channel, then I’ll tell you this: highly recommended. Very smart. On a lot of layers. I’ll try not to reveal spoilers, but I am going to give some heads up.

My wife controls the TV in our house. I watch whatever she puts on. Our hobby, and our profession, is story. I write books and my wife works with authors as a sort of story runner. A recent book she worked on with an author was nominated for both an Edgar and an Agatha so she knows story. I’ve had 3 #1 bestselling scifi Kindle series (Area 51, Atlantis, Nightstalkers) so I’ve had some experience writing science fiction.

Anywho. So she watched Ascension on her own and then when I came upstairs with Cool Gus & Sassy Becca afer work yesterday and we all piled into the big bed, she just turned it on. And we watched all of it last night.

I love it when a smart idea is coupled with a smart story. And when I get surprised, then on reflection go duh! The end of the first episode was a great hook. Should have seen it coming because otherwise the story required a big suspension of disbelief. So that was good.

Character development—okay, not so much, although the Captain and his wife (I’m sorry, she just has that Cylon walk so it was hard to separate her from BSG) plot was very cool. Every time you think he’s stupid; he’s not. And she’s a master player.

I will say way too many using the head as a fist. And getting hit with a pipe wrench—we’re talking brain splatter. And every shooter knows getting within arms reach with your weapon negates the advantage of the gun. But hey. Okay. It’s entertainment.

Backstory. One thing I learned writing the Area 51 series was less is better. I learned not to overly explain things, especially backstory. I got the feeling that the version we saw of Ascension actually had stuff cut from the original screenplay. Especially if it was supposed to be a stand alone mini-series then they had a lot to explain that they didn’t. Just enough. Because the final result definitely sets up both a follow on series and even better, a prequel. Who is the corporation? How did this get started?

I also really liked in the last episode where the woman the investigator turns to, turns out to be—well, let’s just say when I was researching Area 51 what struck me was how few original sources there were. How they all quoted each other. Layer on top of that my background in Special/Covert Operations and I loved the misdirection in AScension. Some very smart people are writing it.

The ending: even my wife didn’t get it the first time, but I cut her slack because she just had rotator cuff surgery, was on pain killers, and was half asleep the first time she saw it. I noted people on social media going “Huh? and “WTF?”” over the ending.

But it really works. It’s what the entire project was set up for.  Sorry if you didn’t get it.  But the ‘star child’ is the ‘star gate’.

I’m looking forward to more Inception, whether it be forward or backward or both.   Kudos to the writers and Syfy.


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