Romantic Times Wrap Up, Nook First and FREE eBooks

I’m back home and have spent the entire day just trying to clear out my email in-box and my physical in-box.  I also took Cool Gus & Sass Becca for a run.  It was about 85 out, but luckily we cross a creek during the run and they can splash about and drink some water.  They’re still getting used to the big move and the much different weather.  Becca chased a fox, which might not have turned out well, but it got away.

Free on Amazon 17-21 April

I’ve got a stack of business cards from RT that I have to go through and follow up on.  It was a very worthwhile trip.  I’m indebted to Romantic Times for my career achievement award even though I missed being there on time to get it—those who know me, know that when I teach, I tend to stay afterwards and answer all questions and time just away from me.  Mea Culpa.

I also talked for a long time with a friend from the King County library system and big plans are brewing in my brain.  I can see the smoke.

Free on Amazon 17-21 April

Free on Amazon 17-21 April

Beyond that, starting today, we have three free books for Kindle:  Aztec by Colin Falconer, Rekindled by Jen Talty and Atlantis Devil’s Sea by moi.

Terry Brooks had this to say about my Atlantis series:  “Spell-binding! Will keep you on the edge of your seat. Call it techno-thriller, call it science fiction, call it just terrific story-telling.”  That’s what you get when you teach with him seven straight years at Maui, but also it is a really cool series.

This book is one of my favorites because my hero, Ragnarok, a Viking in the year 1,000 AD, must protect a Seer from Valkyries, Kraken and other forces of legend and help her on a quest that connects through mysterious gates to my modern former Green Beret, Eric Dane’s battle in the present.  Ragnarok was one of those characters that just clicked.  He’s a guy’s guy.  Very concerned about the condition of his axe.  Seriously.

Also this week, one of my books is being featured on Nook First:  Psychic Warrior: Project Aura.  I based the book on an actual program (once classified) we ran in the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).  If you’ve seen the movie, Men Who Stare At Goats, well,– strangely, while it was a funny movie, there was a lot of really true material in there.  We did some strange things in Trojan Warrior and also, the First Earth Battalion was a concept I was briefed on at West Point.

There’s a lot more interesting stuff happening, including, a name change for Who Dares Wins Publishing.  I’ll blog about it later, once the LLC is formally established, but there’s a really big hint on this page for what the new name will be.

Write It Forward!

About Bob Mayer

West Point Graduate, former Green Beret and NY Times bestselling author Bob Mayer has had over 50 books published. He has sold over five million books, and is in demand as a team-building, life-changing, and leadership speaker and consultant for his Who Dares Wins concept. He's been on bestseller lists in thriller, science fiction, suspense, action, war, historical fiction and is the only male author on the Romance Writers of America Honor Roll. Born in the Bronx, Bob attended West Point and earned a BA in psychology with honors and then served as an Infantry platoon leader, a battalion scout platoon leader, and a brigade recon platoon leader in the 1st Cavalry Division. He joined Special Forces and commanded a Green Beret A Team. He served as the operations officer for 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and with Special Operations Command (Special Projects) in Hawaii. Later he taught at the Special Forces Qualification Course at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, the course which trains new Green Berets. He lived in Korea where he earned a Black Belt in Martial Arts. He's earned a Masters Degree in Education.

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  1. FYI – The link for Atlantis Devil’s Sea is the same as the link for Aztec.

  2. Author Kristen Lamb

    So thrilled to hear about your success. You and Jen deserve so much, you’ve worked so hard!

  3. As always, Bob, it’s great to live vicariously through you. Wondering what is brewing with King County Library? I’m pysched because I recently got my debut novel, The Card, into the King County Library System, due to the efforts of a reader.

  4. You’re a busy man Bob! While I don’t have an e-reader to avail myself of your generous free offers, I follow your blog with bated breath. Everything is happening so fast! And I also really truly appreciate the Author Branding series, and can’t wait for the next installment. Keep writing forward! :-)
    Yvette Carol

  5. Congrats on the achievement award!!

  6. Nice ebooks. Thanks!

  7. You are sooo right on about the Libraries being our next frontier, Bob!

    I’m busy today writing my keynote address for the Midwest Library Federation on May 1st, and I can’t wait to see where my ideas for them take me and all my fellow Indie Epub Authors!!!

  8. I have been searching for more information about Nook First participation and cannot find any. Do you know of a link to such? Is it by invitation only? Is it something people have to submit to? I’m looking for details like that. Thank you for all you do to help enable independent authors.

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