Just Another Day in the Life of a Writer

After a while, you feel like you’ve said just about everything there is to say about writing and publishing, etc. etc. and I’ve been doing so many guest blogs this month, my brain is about fried with it.  One thing about being indie is it never stops.  I think if I took an entire day off, my email inbox would explode.  Right now it’s down to one screen, which is where I like to keep it.  Once I have to start scrolling, I’m in trouble.

I also sometimes feel like I’m either writing to the converted or just pissing people off who don’t want to read what I’m posting.  Who knows?

Still, it’s the greatest job and I love doing it.  I’m going through I, Judas: The 5th Gospel once more, changing some things.  And then I have to jump into Area 51: Nightstalkers, my first book that will be published by Amazon’s science fiction imprint: 47North.  It’s the first of what will be at least a three book series.  With it, I will be merging the type of books I had in Area 51 with my Special Operations books.  In essence it’s about a very different Special Operations team operating out of Area 51.  More than that, I won’t say.

It’s been a hectic month and I fly out Thursday to Phoenix for Desert Dreams where I’ll be presenting for a half day on Friday with Write It Forward, which is my program teaching writers how to be professional authors.

Last weekend I did a day-long workshop for the Indiana Romance Writers.  It was a superbly run event and I’d like to thank Judith and the rest of her team for the great job they did.

I posted a blog at Digital Book World where I said traditional publishing as we know it died in March 2012 and it received surprisingly little response.  My emphasis was on the traditional.  Publishing will always be around.  The extreme change in business models from print to digital is a lot for any business to go through and survive.  And I’m just not getting the sense a lot of people in publishing are embracing the change.  I see a lot of defensiveness from the same people who were sneering at eBooks just two years ago.  Defensiveness is not good.  The first true step of change is to surrender.  Accept the current situation is not the best.  Until that happens, people hold on to untenable positions and eventually they will be swarmed under.  The recent DOJ situation has big time implications.

By the way, if you’re interested, please take a look at my guest blog at Digital Book World:  It’s a Business—Is Amazon an Enemy or a Potential Ally?

About Bob Mayer

Bob Mayer is a NY Times Bestselling author, graduate of West Point, former Green Beret (including commanding an A-Team) and the feeder of two Yellow Labs, most famously Cool Gus. He's had over 60 books published including the #1 series Area 51, Atlantis and The Green Berets. Born in the Bronx, having traveled the world (usually not tourist spots), he now lives peacefully with his wife, and said labs, at Write on the River, TN.

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  1. Your blog posts inspire me – I love the indy attitude – not often seen in women so I find my inspiration from men. Don’t stop. :)

  2. I *just* finished writing some guest blog posts yesterday for a mini-tour I’m about to start, and I can’t even begin to compare that with how much writing about writing you’ve done! I’m sure my head would be quite swimmy if I were trying to keep pace with all you do on that front.

    I hope your readers will tune in tomorrow at my blog to read your Writer Wednesday post.

  3. “I also sometimes feel like I’m either writing to the converted or just pissing people off who don’t want to read what I’m posting. Who knows?”

    Hahaha. That’s the best thing I’ve read in a while.

    You’re posts keep me moving forward BTW. Although I generally only “like” without commenting, I’m absorbing, or trying to, absorb it all. So Thank You for continuing on the exhaustive social media/blog trail. You inspire the rest of us who are still trying to ‘get there’ with our writing. It feels never ending. ;)

    • Those who get pissed off have the choice of going elsewhere. Keep posting, Bob. You inspire. The pissy folks need to look deep inside and figure out why they’re pissy in the first place.

  4. Could so relate to the first few paragraphs, and I’m just at the beginning of the journey! Indie never stops, you’re right, but it’s given so much meaning to my life. And traditional publishing? Definitely time for a decent burial. I consider you and Porter Anderson the oracles of publishing’s future and have never been disappointed.

  5. whyidontgetgirls

    Thanks, Bob, for sharing your experiences and insights.
    I don’t get the impression that the publishing industry as a whole is embracing change either. Playing catch-up is very different to thinking like a start-up.

  6. HI Bob! Yeah I saw your guest spot on Digital Book World. I cut & pasted bits actually for my ‘great quotes’ file. I was fired up by it. I think until now I’ve been anxious about all the changes and leaving traditional publishing behind. But you gave me enthusiasm about it at last!
    Yvette Carol

  7. Very excited for Area 51: Nightstalkers! Wohoo!

  8. This past year has been the best year of my life, and it’s all down to reading about people like you who have given me the inspiration to go indie myself. I’m now looking forward to publishing my second book.

  9. Just finished Jefferson Allegiance…ready for more…more…more!!!

    Thought I read somewhere that the sequel is coming out soon?

    If so, when? And, when will audio-download version be ready, since that’s how I “read” nowdays?


  10. Oops! Forgot to check the “notify me” boxes.


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