And we’re off to NYC again…..

This time its Thrillerfest where Bob and I will be speaking together for the very first time, oh my. I’ve heard Bob present many, many times. I don’t think Bob has ever been in one of my workshops, though he did sit in on the panel I was at last year at Thrillerfest. I got a raised eyebrow when I made the entire room gasp when I admitted to what the darkest thing was that I ever wrote.

Anyway, this could prove to be very interesting with Mr. Dry-Sense-of-Humor and Mrs. Too-Serious-Sometimes-Over-The-Top. Hopefully Bob won’t poke to much fun at me and maybe I won’t give him a headache when I get all excited about ePub, HTML and go into long rants about geeky-techno-stuff. You should have seen the emails from him when I was explaining the new plans for his website. I think the last one was “please, just do whatever, okay?” Oh, and if you haven’t checked out Bob’s new digs, you should. Super cool, if I do say so myself.

Our workshop at Thrillerfest is ePub, POD and the Future of Publishing for the Writer. The workshop will start promptly at 7:30 in the Broadway room (for those of you attending Thrillerfest) and goes till 9pm. We’re going to cover a lot of ground in this workshop regarding what we have experienced, our plans for the future, and how writers can succeed in this constantly changing business. It’s a workshop not to be missed! Just saying.

On Saturday Bob will be the Panel Master for: Is Indie Publishing for You? On the panel is: Diane Capri, CJ Lyons, Leo J. Maloney, Aaron Patterson, Lewis Perdue and Jen Talty (that’s me!). Once again, we will be in Broadway and the panel will begin at 9:30. I’m excited to be on a panel with CJ. She was one of the first people I met at my very first Thrillerfest.

Bob and I also have meetings set up with a tech company, some agents, a few interviews, several conference calls, and meeting some other writers about various things. I just now got an email from Bob with another thing to add to our itinerary. We will be busy the entire time.

In the past, we both approached conferences very differently, and while Bob is under deadline with NightStalkers and he will have to be burning the midnight oil to get the book done, and I have to meet deadlines with about 6 different books and 3 different authors, we will also be spending a lot of time roaming the halls and networking with other writers and industry professionals. It’s very important to approach the conference as the business meeting that it is. Everyone there from the newbie writer to the seasoned professional is there to conduct business. Whether that business be pitching at Agentfest (oy, what an exhausting experience) or learning craft from some of the best in the business, or to network with other writers, it’s still a business.

Bob and I go to a lot of conferences and one of the things we’ll be doing at Thrillerfest is going over next years list of conferences. And I just got an email from Bob about a conference he wants me to attend in September.

Conferences play a key role in our success. What conferences are you attending this summer? What are your goals?

PS:  Bob did a new post at Digital Book World titled:  The Great Publishing Wars of 2012, which helps explain his lack of much blogging and social media activity lately, as well as being on deadline for the end of the month.


About Jen Talty

Publishing Consultant, Author of Romantic Suspense and Co-Creator of Cool Gus Publishing with NY Times Best-Selling Author Bob Mayer.

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  1. I stopped by FandomFest a couple of weekends ago and met a lot of authors I’d previously met online only, and touched base with others who I just haven’t seen for a few years. Met some publishers, as well.

    It’s a local con but it’s only in its second year, so I hadn’t heard of it this time last year. It’s got a very healthy author track that’s as good as most writing conferences, seemingly better than most I’ve been to. The main draw were horror / fantasy movie celebs, so it was VERY crowded with star-gawkers. Kind of an odd fit w/ what boils down to being a writing conference for the authors in attendance. Chaotic. Most of the author panels and resources were impossible to locate because of the facilities they booked, and there was no place to pick up a schedule, so you basically had to resort to reading a pdf on your smart phone in teeny tiny print if you wanted to find out who was speaking where, when.

    If they change venues, I’d consider going next year, but only then.

    I’d be interested in knowing more about how you feel conferences play a key role in your success. Is it just the face-time with your contacts?

    • Face time with key contacts is huge. Bob always says that people are more likely to remember you if you met them at a conference. He’s right. The people who have played the largest roles in my career have been people I met at a conference. Conferences can spark creativity, since we’re all sitting around talking about writerly things. I know the internet is a great way to “meet” people, build a platform, but there is nothing like meeting face to face. Part of why Bob and I went to BEA was to meet with some of the reps from KDP and 47North. We were able to sit down and discuss the future business plans we have and listen to what they have planned. Of course, they introduced me to the people at CreateSpace, and well, as you read, we made the switch to them as the POD.

      It took a long time to figure out which conferences to go to. Bob and I sit down and go over our business and personal writing goals with each other, then we look at what conferences and conventions we want to attend, and why. We often go because we’re speaking, but like at BEA or possibly another conference in September, it has more to do with who is there and to learn something.

  2. It’ll be interesting to read your report when you get back. I’m not a thriller writer, but it always sounds fun for those of my friends who attend :)

  3. Wherefore the assumption that your readers and fellow writers have the wherewithal – the financial and/or time resources – to attend various conferences, (re: What conferences are you attending this summer? What are your goals?) purchase different hw/sw, and or subscribe to various services like CreateSpace. I live 50 miles north of New Orleans and can rarely afford the gasoline to visit my city. One of the chief reasons I have the opportunity to write and compose my blogs, e-books, etc. is that I cannot afford to do anything else. It is a very interesting experience to have been “upper middle class” and now be relegated to the “working poor” segment of our economy. Dealing with the “middle class” assumption that your colleagues have credit cards, can buy the stuff you’re selling, and take part in the various activities that were once part of my experiences as well cannot be a common assumption anymore. The Great Recession has punched a lot of folks in the stomach, so to speak. Please do not misunderstand me, I hold no ill will toward you or those lucky enough to have come through the recession relatively intact. I just wanted to remind everyone that some of us didn’t make it.

    • Certainly understand that. For us this is business, not pleasure. Of course, the trip is a complete tax write-off also. The one great thing about the Internet is that you can ‘reach’ a lot further. I assume there will be a twitter hashtag for ITW probably #ITW12 and I’ve often ‘attended’ conferences simply by putting the hashtag on my tweetdeck. I’ll be “attending” #SDCC this week that way.

      • Thanks Bob, for a reasoned and informative reply to my comment. I glad that you took it on face value and not as a rant as some would see it. I truly wish ya’ll the best at the conference and look forward to when I’m back on my feet and am cheek & jowl with you at these events.

  4. I’m off to RWA conference end of July. The train trip there and back is going to give me some great writing time, and then I’m hooking up with a lot of writer friends I haven’t seen in some time. I’m also going to be giving two presentations (Writing the Regency Novel, and Horse Sense for Your Characters for the RWA Beau Monde chapter’s mini conference). My main goal is to spend some time in the bar with other writers, talking about writing–it’s a great way to recharge and get some new input. I’m also looking forward to talking to some other small publisher about what they’re doing (they’re doing the most exciting stuff), such as Belle Books. RWA is a bit big to really handle well–I find I usually prefer smaller, local conferences, but where I live now doesn’t have a “local” writers group, so National it is.

  5. I will be going to the British SCBWI conference in November. I plan to learn lots more about writing and marketing, as well as networking and promoting myself and my ebooks, both children’s and adult romance. Each time I go, I try to speak to more people and get myself out of my comfort zone.

  6. Wow! You guys are busy, busy.
    Like you, SD, I’m going to RWA. It’s in my backyard this year so it would be silly not to do so. However, I love travelling to interesting conferences in other areas when funds permit. That way I get a vacation and gain information, and get to hang out with like minds.

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