“You Know Authors: Bunch of Bitchy Little Girls”

Nightstalkers by Bob Mayer

Nightstalkers by Bob Mayer

Area 51 Nightstalkers was published yesterday, and it’s already doing quite well.  Of course, being an author, publication is always fraught with peril.  What if the truck carrying the books gets hit by a train also carrying the books and they slam into the warehouse holding the books?  Except the vast majority of my sales are electronic, so then one thinks about solar flares wiping out the electronic grid, or a high altitude nuclear blast with EMP.  Both of which are covered in The Green Beret Survival Guide to the Apocalypse, Zombies & More, which will be published with the next week.  Promise. Except it’s about survival, not saving your eBook.

I digress, as I often do.  The book is in the top 20 in science fiction on Amazon, which is good because that puts it on the first page for anyone searching in that genre.  It’s also a “mover and shaker” going from no ranking, to top 2,000, to top 1,000, to, hmm, not that I’m checking, but let’s face it, we all check:  281 paid right now.

So I’d sent a whiny email to my editor at Amazon the night before last. To give credit, his response was level-headed:  we’re in it for the long haul, etc. etc.  Which is true. eBooks are such a different business model than print, where you have to make the splash out of the gate.  Actually I got an email from 47North explaining all the things that were being done, etc. etc.  Which is, honestly, more than I got in 20 years of traditional publishing.  I mean the response.

So I said please bear with me:  I like the line from the opening credits  of Burn Notice where Sam Axe says to Michael:  “You knows spies, bunch of bitchy little girls.”

And please don’t get upset about the gender reference.  After all, his girlfriend is “Trigger happy”.  And ex.

Authors are like that sometime.  We whine and bitch because every publication is a gamble.  And I don’t gamble. Never, ever.  When I make a bet it’s because I control the outcome.  My first company commander in the First Cav Division made a bet with me that I couldn’t do the 12 mile EIB ruck march (uniform, boots, ruck with I forget how many pounds, weapons, tweety-bird, etc) in under two hours (the standard is three for qualification).  I did it in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 23 seconds.

I won an Irish six pack:  a four pack of Harp beer.  Wait, I’m supposed to be blogging about the Nightstalker team according to the rigorous schedule Jen Talty set up for me, but what the hey.  Want to know more about the team, check out this slideshare (better yet, but the book, eh?)

Also, here are a bunch of blog posts specifically tailored for the book.

CONTEST: I’ll be doing a drawing daily here and on Facebook for the next 6 days. All you have to do is answer a question each day. Today’s giveaway is…An ARC of Area 51 Nightstalkers!

An audio download of Area 51, the first book in the series from Audible (corrected by slave driver Jen).

I think.  If I’m wrong about the prize, Jen will come in and correct it.  But it’s something cool.  Maybe an audio download of Area 51, the first book in the series, from Audible.  Actually, I think that’s it for today.  We’ve already picked the winner from yesterday, but I lost the email Jen sent me with the info.

The WINNER of yesterday’s contest is….drum roll please…Fred Bloom. He posted on Facebook. Fred, I’m putting that up on Facebook now. You can contact me at jentalty @ coolgus dot com and I will make sure Bob ships that book right off…

TODAY’S QUESTION:  Based on the character descriptions in the slideshare, which of the team would you most like to meet and why?  See, I’m driving you to at least look at the slideshare.

Nothing but good time ahead!

SurvivalFinal_KindleBoards And yes, The Green Beret Survival Guide for the Apocalypse, Zombies & More will be out within the week.  The perfect Xmas and pre-Mayan end of the world gift!

About Bob Mayer

Bob Mayer is a NY Times Bestselling author, graduate of West Point, former Green Beret (including commanding an A-Team) and the feeder of two Yellow Labs, most famously Cool Gus. He's had over 60 books published including the #1 series Area 51, Atlantis and The Green Berets. Born in the Bronx, having traveled the world (usually not tourist spots), he now lives peacefully with his wife, and said labs, at Write on the River, TN.

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  1. Bob, you are hilarious! Jen, I feel for you trying to keep this guy in line.

  2. I admit, you had me from the subject line because I’m a huge Burn Notice fan :) Congrats on the continued success. Thanks (as always) for a great post! Happy Holidays :)

  3. Burn Notice reference has me laughing this am so I has to click over from twitter. Love Bruce Campbell.

    Congrats on the new release :)

  4. Awesome to see Amazon changing the playing field on every side of publishing. Excited to hear more about this experience with them and how well the books do.

    Good luck!!!


  5. Nada would be the one I’d most like to meet. Sounds like he’d be ready for anything. And, hey, if you wanted to “pull one over” on somebody, you’d use a girl scout and a nun.

    And I’m a Burn Notice fan, too. That line is just great.

  6. Manic moments? LOL — you’re all over the map today, buddy! My preference would be to meet Moms.

    Question re: 47 North. That was the name of my favorite breakfast spot in Mystic CT until a few years back, does the publishing 47 North name make reference to a specific geographic latitude/location? They may be connected.

  7. “rigorous schedule Jen Talty set up for me”

    Really, the one page document I sent with the first week of release marketing plan is a “rigorous schedule”? And here I thought I was being light on you…Wait till you see what I have in store for you for week 2, 3 and 4.

    Even though I don’t really get to play, I would like to meet Ms. Jones. I often wonder if people think I am a hologram…..LOL

  8. Oh, and I amended the blog post with current winner from yesterday, updated today’s prize and embedded the slideshare making it easier to view. My work here is done…of to find new things for Bob to do. LOL

  9. 47North is an address in Seattle. They have named all their imprints after streets in Seattle.
    Just found out Nightstalkers will be part of Kindle Select 25 later this month and a screensaver on Kindle. Pretty neat. Definitely feeling the Amazon love.

  10. Since Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows from the very beginning, your post title grabbed my attention immediately. Yes, I’ve been offering the same advice to a lot of newly-minted authors lately: “Marathon, not a sprint.” Still, it’s hard not to be whiny sometimes. So you’re just human after all, Bob! *LOL*

  11. I’d like to meet Kirk. Why? To learn more about how he cheated his way through Ranger School. If he cheated because, for example, he caught a lizard in the desert phase and ate it, thereby obtaining more protein than authorized for that day, then I’d congratulate him on his speed and initiative. If, however, he cheated in a way that screwed one of his Ranger buddies, that’s a different story, and I would not want him on my team.

  12. Looking forward to reading the book, Bob. I’m going to go buy it now, and add to your drop in sales rank. :)

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