Survival Friday: Excerpt from The Green Beret Survival Guide SurvivalFinal


Most car-jackings occur when the vehicle is parked and within five miles of your home.  Again, always have your keys ready when approaching or leaving your vehicle.  If threatened to give up the keys, give them up.  It isn’t worth it.

A common plot for carjackers is to bump your car from the rear.  When you get out to investigate, they take your car.  Let them have it.

Here are some rules of the road:

  • ·      don’t park in isolated or places where you can’t be seen.
  • ·      always have your keys ready.
  • ·      remember the alarm button on your key fob.  Many people forget it in the panic.  Consider it your personal alarm system when in range of the car.  Test it and see how far away it works.
  • ·      use valet parking, especially if you are a woman alone.  The tip is worth it.
  • ·      look at other cars near yours as you go to it.  Be aware of anyone just sitting there.  Walk away if someone is.
  • ·      don’t help the guy with the cast on his arm trying to load his couch into a van.  His name was Ted Bundy.
  • ·      Don’t be hesitant to ask for a security escort to your car at a mall, college, etc.  People are paid or volunteer to do that.
  • ·      Be aware.  Tune in to the environment.  You should never talk or text while driving, don’t be on the phone or text while heading to your car.
  • ·      As Gavin DeBecker write in The Gift of Fear, if your senses alert to someone or something, trust your instincts and get away.
  • ·      As you approach your car, check around it, under it, and always, always look in the back seat or cargo compartment of your SUV/minivan.
  • ·      Always lock your doors once you’re in the car.
  • ·      When stopping at a light, always leave enough room in front of you that you can turn hard and accelerate away if you have to.  Don’t trap yourself.
  • ·      If bumped in traffic by a pair of males, be very suspicious.  Pull to a lighted, populated place before unlocking your car.
  • ·      Again, if confronted by a carjacker, don’t resist.
  • ·      Don’t chase the robber.
  • ·      Never agree to be kidnapped.  Hit the alarm, drop the keys and run while yelling loudly.
  • ·      If you are forced to drive, you can crash the car near a busy intersection to attract attention.
  • ·      Always report any event to the police.