What if you knew your Deathday? And if you were part of 98.7% majority of humans, where it’s at a median age of 25?

These are burners. They do the work to sustain society in the Sound, the last vestige of mankind after the release of phage initiated the Chaos and destroyed most of the world.

The inequality in the system is obvious; but “it is what it is” is the mantra of burners, because the phage changed life-spans by corrupting human DNA, the very essence of life. At the top .1% of society are People, who have no Deathday.  “It is what it is”

Dealer, a powerful computer, saved humans during the Chaos, by coming up with a way for this society to function.

Except there’s a problem. The system is breaking down.

And now there’s something that hasn’t happened since before the Chaos: there are twins: Grace and MIllay. And one was determined on Dealing Day to be a burner and the other a People. But if Deathday is determined by DNA, then . . .

Maybe it isn’t what it is.

You can read the opening of burners for free here.