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The Chaos has begun: BURNERS published today

BURNERSWhen phage spread across the world, it quickly began killing, the oldest first, and then downward in age, until in just weeks, the world’s population was devastated. Then the Chaos began, a true World War.

After the Chaos, the survivors built a new society in the Sound with the aid of Dealer, a powerful computer. It was learned that phage had whittled 98.7% of the population down to a median lifespan of 25 years. But there was the top .1%, the People, who appear to have no Deathday.

It is what it is.

Until today.

Available on all platforms, the first book in our exciting new series. Where nothing and no one are what they seem to be.

Deb and I are thrilled with this series, the result of an idea that’s been percolating for years between and has finally come to fruition! Available on all platforms via this link.

Thanks to you, the reader.

Nothing but good times ahead.

Unless phage is released.


Forget about the Walking Dead: Fear the Living

indexLife and death is about as high concept as a story can get. The Walking Dead has been one of the most-watched series of the past few years. I think that’s because the best parts are not humans vs. zombies, but humans vs. humans. Last night, in the series finale of Fear The Walking Dead, I got to the point I was rooting for the zombies. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the way I saw it, our hardy brave of heroes and heroines (and I use that term with great irony) unleashed an arena full of zombies on a military outpost/hospital in order to try to save three people who they were related to? They caused the death of hundreds of people in their quest. They also left the gate open to their previously secure neighborhood as they drove off on their quest. Yes, the zombies would have gotten out of that arena eventually, but the military was in the process of evacuating that hospital. The band caused the place to fall earlier than it would leading to nail gun doctor. And by the way, if she had the ability to nail gun all the wounded and sick and injured, the ability to make such an incredibly accurate and quick assessment and decision, she seems the type of person that would go with the band and escape, not sit there, head hung. Seemed inconsistent for character and doctors are really valuable people in the apocalypse.

BURNERS(Bob_Deb_TN)All that aside, rather than focusing on zombies and the dead, my wife and I chose to focus on the much more immediate danger of the living and the essence of life itself in Burners, which comes out tomorrow. Set in a post-Chaos future, with a closed society set in Puget Sound, we wondered what it would be like if the classic science fiction question of what would people do if they knew the day they died (there’s a great short story about the guy who invents such a machine– think of the paradox he faced, and how insurance companies felt about that invention). We broke society into four classes: People, Evermore, Middlemore and burner. How that happened, how the Chaos happened, etc. etc. will be unveiled as the series progresses (we’re releasing a book every 80 days apart in the series).  Burners introduces this world and the main characters, twins Grace and Millay, and Ryker, a wild card. And some others, but that would be spoilers. And then there’s Dealer, the quantum computer running everything; which is also more than it appears to be.

I’ll do a blog in the coming weeks about how we have so much more to fear from our fellow humans, even if there was a zombie apocalypse. I believe that is the thing to focus on in series like Walking Dead, Fear those same dudes, and more.

Meanwhile, grab a copy and read about how a society that has a .1% owning something the rest of the people don’t have; wait that sounds familiar! Don’t we have a .1%?  But instead if the inequality being money, it’s something much, much, more valuable. TIME.

Links to all versions of burners!

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Nothing but good times and the Walking Living ahead.

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“But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light!”

What if you knew your Deathday? And if you were part of 98.7% majority of humans, where it’s at a median age of 25?

These are burners. They do the work to sustain society in the Sound, the last vestige of mankind after the release of phage initiated the Chaos and destroyed most of the world.

The inequality in the system is obvious; but “it is what it is” is the mantra of burners, because the phage changed life-spans by corrupting human DNA, the very essence of life. At the top .1% of society are People, who have no Deathday.  “It is what it is”

Dealer, a powerful computer, saved humans during the Chaos, by coming up with a way for this society to function.

Except there’s a problem. The system is breaking down.

And now there’s something that hasn’t happened since before the Chaos: there are twins: Grace and MIllay. And one was determined on Dealing Day to be a burner and the other a People. But if Deathday is determined by DNA, then . . .

Maybe it isn’t what it is.

You can read the opening of burners for free here.

If You Don’t Buy This Book, We’ll Shoot This Dog



If you know where that comes from, you get a Cool Gus commemorative puppy picture (download at right) , and were probably reading in 1973.

And, yes, right now Gus is giving me a dirty look, no, wait, he’s snoring, head buried in his dog bed.

Our new series launches next week on Tuesday with burners, yes, not capitalized. Because you have to count to be capitalized. burners are 98.7 of the population of the Sound, where the only survivors of the Chaos, which wiped out almost all of civilization over three centuries ago, live. burners have a median Deathday of 25 years. They exist to do the work and, outside of that, to live every second as deeply as they can, burning the candle at both ends. Sort of like Gus. Not.

At the top of society are the People. .1%. They have no Deathday. You know; them; that top .1%. Those people. Yeah, they’re still around, except instead of wealth, they get time.

Overseeing all is Dealer, a computer that restructured society to survive the phage, which changed lifespans and initiated the Chaos.

national-lampoon-january-1973-if-you-don-t-buy-this-magazine-we-ll-kill-this-dogOkay, my wife and I wrote this, and inventing an entirely new society is quite the feat. BTW, the Sound is Puget Sound. I’m kind of thinking Dealer is an Amazon computer, like THE computer. Since lots of people, especially the NY Times, thinks Amazon is the evil empire, it seems fitting for a book where most of the sales will be on Amazon (buy it here, or we shoot the dog—we just watched a documentary on National Lampoon and if you don’t remember that, well, you’re younger than us, which is most of you, sigh). And really it was fascinating to see how many people from National Lampoon went on to start Saturday Night Live, Animal House, Caddyshack, and much, much more in the world of comedy. Oh yeah, you can also get it on iBooks, Nook, Kobo and wherever fine literature is sold.

Where was I? So Amazon’s computer is ruling—no, wait. It’s Dealer.

Which deals the cards to everyone when they are six on Dealing Day according to each person’s DNA as affected by the phage. Get a white one, you’re People. A blank one. No Deathday. Get red, well, you’re a burner. There are two small groups in between, but you get the picture?

You think such a society can last? Is stable?


Thus burners.

Nothing but good times ahead. Such as prime, centre and chaos. At the very least. All out in the next nine months.

And Cool Gus is fine.


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