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I’m addicted to TV and it’s all Bob Mayer’s fault.

Okay, so not his fault, but he has a tendency to email me with things like check out Luther, you’re going to really identify with the female killer or you watch Nurse Jackie? Your kind of show. Makes me wonder why Bob thinks I would identify with a killer and Nurse Jackie is my kind of show, but he was right. Both shows have turned out to be some of my favorites. Actually, he once recommended I watch The Shield and I’ve now watched the entire series 3 times. Talk about a protagonist with issues, sheesh. But besides having an obsession for the darker side of human nature, I like other kinds of shows as well.

Every season we have new shows and every year I try out a bunch. So, here is my new season TV line-up this year. None of which, by the way, were recommended by Bob and some may surprise you.

Revenge. This one came as a recommendation from my 20-year-old daughter who is off at college. She called me one day to tell me about a show she thought I might enjoy. Weird, because she wasn’t asking for money, but cool because she wanted to talk “story and characters”. Of course, I blame her for my obsession with Harry Potter and Twilight.

Revenge is about a young woman who is seeking revenge against those who have wronged her in the past. These wrongs were no simple wrongs, but the kind of wrong that ruins people’s lives. They started the season out with what appears will be the ending of the season. The murder of a young man–the man our protagonist was to marry–but also the man is the child of one of the families she wants to destroy. Key element here is she wants to ruin their lives, not kill them. Perhaps this makes her likable. She’s kind of predictable, but we can relate.

I don’t like shows that start off with “the end”, but it works okay in this case. I like the show, and will continue to watch it, but part of me is more interested in some of the supporting characters. Not really a good sign, but again, the show does intrigue me. Actually, I’m very vested in this season and finding out some of the whys. Worth checking out.

Web Therapy. Dumb but just the idea of a new “treatment modality” and the way Lisa Kudrow says the two words together is just plain funny. The season is technically over, but it was one of those stupid funny shows that is just pure entertainment. There is no real reason to like it other than the fact I am a fan of Lisa’s and actually love the idea she has for this new treatment modality. Basically, 3 minute therapy sessions on the net. Kind of interesting and kind of telling in the sense we live in such a fast paced society that I could actually see this becoming some new rage. Dumb, but entertaining.

Person of Interest. Well, lets just say that Jim Caviezel is worth it alone. But it is interesting. I graduated in 1984 and had to read and do a major paper on George Orwell’s novel 1984. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with anything looks remotely like ‘big brother’. The idea that a machine could find persons of interest in crimes and the government considered them irrelevant because they were not of a terrorist nature is very interesting, but I’m struggling with this show lasting. They’ve teamed up two odd balls, both with baggage and quirks. They are intriguing baggage and quirks, but kind of predictable and so been there done that. But again, their form of vigilante justice is right up my alley. I’m interested to see where they take this show.

Besides, I think the show is fun, the technology behind it fascinates me, especially now with all this stuff up in the cloud, etc.

Pan Am. Retro soap opera with wings. I have to admit this is my favorite new drama. I remember my first flight and I remember having to flip my brother for the last steak on the plane. A steak! On a plane! Oh my. Those were the days. I love this show and have no real valid reason for loving. It’s not great, but it has my attention. Will be interesting to see what they do and if the show can sustain itself. It’s no Mad Men, but it does have potential.

So there you have it. The shows I’m fixated in this season. What new shows are you obsessed with or what other shows are you really excited about this season?



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