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I recently read a blog regarding the sale of Girls Scout Cookies.

It seemed there was a stagnancy in sales and it was becoming harder and harder to reach new cookie eaters. Every girl scout troop was bunked in front of Walmart or grocery stores, fighting for the same customers.

Until one troop thought outside the proverbial box. They set up shop in front of a marijuana shop in Colorado. And they sold a hell of a lot of cookies.

This got me to thinking of new ways to reach readers. I counsel writers to be authentic in connecting with their audience. Same thing my mom used to advise when trying to meet a nice boy. Do the things you love and he’ll show up eventually.

One of the things I love doing is online shopping. I find it actually relaxing—a way to experience the thrill of the mall and the hunt for clearance without every leaving my house. I also like to imagine how fabulous I’d look in outfits, or the heroines I’m currently writing. This led me over to – a really cool place where women sell items in their closets for discount prices. I became not only hooked on the site, but the women who are involved. It is a friendly, supportive, fun community with strong minded, clever women—just the type of heroines I write about.

When I was re-issuing Summer Sins in a boxed set, I thought it would be fun to incorporate my love for shopping at Posh within the book. My heroine, Storme, is a fashion designer, and loves great clothes and fun accessories. She shops at the site for her upcoming wedding, and adds to her designer closet.

I thought it would be fun to share some closets I’ve found and shopped with Poshmark — and I’ve also included a folder on my Pinterest page called Posh Picks. You can check out outfits and accessories Storme wears in the book! Look for the hashtag #jensposhpicks on all my social media sites to see my pick of the day!

The best part? You can buy the boxed set of Hot in the Hamptons for only .99—which includes Summer Sins! Three books together for under a buck — it doesn’t get any better than that. This is a very special sale and limited, so snatch it up in the next few days before it’s gone.


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Here are some of the closets I love at Posh!


If you get hooked like me, you can sign up for Poshmark and use my code JAGEU so you get a ten dollar discount on your first purchase. You can find me at Poshmark under @authorjenniferprobst at

I hope you all enjoy reading the boxed set, shopping for some great deals, and basking in the spring sun!

— Jen


indexPoor, Joey. Running in the dark crying out for Shane to come back.

I kept thinking of that line this past weekend as I was trying to dig out a tree stump in our front yard. If you remember, at the beginning of Shane, he starts chopping at the stump to show his gratitude for Joe Starrett standing up for him. Together they do a manly, man thing and finally get it out.

I empathized with that. At one point my wife walked by and I said: “I wish Shane would ride by right now.”

And she replied: “Why? So he can shoot you and put you out of your misery?”

It’s why we’ve been together so long.

I got the stump out without Shane and without being shot.

Shane is listed as one of the classic top 100 movies. There’s a lot more to the movie than the simple: Stranger rides into town. Which is one of the classic story ideas. The subtle romance between Shane and Starrett’s wife is intriguing– nowadays we’d have Bridges of Madison County where Joe Starrett would be out of town and . . .   But this is more about all the people, the interaction between Shane and the entire family.

indexIt was one of the first movies to use the real sound of gunfire; which is louder than most people who aren’t around guns know. Also, the director used wires attached to characters who are shot to pull them back as if actually being hit. The director had been in World War II and had seen people shot. Interestingly, Alan Ladd didn’t like guns and you can actually see him blink when he shoots Jack Palance. Also, I didn’t like the buckskins Shane wore. Made him look like a frontiersman not a gunslinger. On the cover of the paperback, Shane is dressed in a sharp black suit. That’s a gunslinger. Plus, note Shane is a lefty on the book cover and a righty in the movie. Everyone knows lefty’s make better gunfighters.

BTW Jack Palance was afraid of horses which is the reason he rides into town sort of slouching on a horse that’s barely moving. But it worked well, because it made him seem like a bad ass. The scene where he mounts is actually him dismounting run backwards. Jean Arthur played the wife and it was her last movie; she was also fifty at the time, looking good, much older than her male co-stars. Katherine Hepburn had been first choice and I just can’t see Hepburn playing a sod-buster’s wife.

IMG_2951Which is a long way of saying I got the stump out with a combination of axe, chainsaw, shovel, drill, Jeep winch, dynamite, and finally hooking Cool Gus up to it and holding a treat just out of reach, and a lot of cussing, you low-down dirty Yankee stump!

Now, Shane, please leave the valley.


A slideshare on Rogers Rules, which are still in effect today and always will be!

Part of Who Dares Wins: Special Operation Strategies for Success and The Green Beret Survival Guide.

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Time Patrol: Ides of March

15 March 2016

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