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SicarioI remember doing a book signing and a guy came up to me and asked me where I got the call signs I used in Green Berets: Eyes of the Hammer. I said I made them up. He didn’t believe me, because he’d been on ops just like it with Task Force 6 (an over-arcing unit back in the day that fought the drug war– not sure what it’s called now, but if you’ve seen Sicario, you get an idea what’s going on now– I thought it was a really good movie and Benicio Del Toro was superb). Anyway, the thing is, besides commanding an A-Team, I also was a battalion operations officer in 10th Special Forces (Airborne) and used to plan deployments and operations for our 15 A-Teams and really, there are only so many call signs and details and our Special Ops brains think alike and . . .  Well who knows what the hell is rolling around inside my brain? It’s a dark neighborhood and you don’t want to go there.

Well, actually, you do, but only at the safe distance of my books!

So in the spirit of that, Green Berets: Eyes of the Hammer is FREE on all platforms.  Amazon  iBooks   Nook  Kobo and the audio version, while not free, is reduced in price if you get the free eBook. Here are a couple of blurbs from when the book came out: W.E.B Griffin: “Exciting & Authentic!” Stephen Coonts: “Scorcher of a Novel!”

Fromand1Before there was Clear and Present Danger, there was Eyes of the Hammer. I’ll grant that Clancy had the much better title. When I wrote Eyes, I was still doing active duty tours in Special Forces and I think my head was still so much in the reality of it. The title stands for the recon element (Eyes) that calls in the fire support (in this case primarily AC-130 Spectre gunships, but also Apaches). I also used some of the unique training my team went through as a MAROPs specialty team– maritime operations. We were trained for water infiltration and exfiltration. The neat thing about water is that parachuting in is softer than land; the bad part is that the chute does sink eventually and tends to come down on top of you in the dark and . . ..  Also, we never swam in the warm water of the some nice sunny place. It was always some freezing water at night, somewhere not so exotic like the North Sea. Every member of my team attended and graduated the Royal Danish Navy Fromandkorpset Combat Swim School. And I didn’t apply to Annapolis because I couldn’t swim!

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Ides(4b)But what if Marc Antony knew what awaited Caesar on the Ides of March 44 BC?

What if Tsarina Alexandra knew she had only one desperate gambit to play to keep her husband from abdicating on the Ides of March 1917 AD?

Christopher Columbus brought back more from the New World than just word of its discovery on the Ides of March 1493 AD. What if the disease he brought back is amplified, bringing about a second Black Death?

What if on the Ides of March 480 BC King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans fail to hold the Gates of Fire not just for Greece but for the fate of our entire timeline?

These and more, are issues the the Time Patrol must deal with in Ides of March.

Published today!

4 D DayNothing but good times ahead! As long as the Time Patrol does its job.

And coming near the end of May, Time Patrol: D Day!

In Ides, as Antony rehearses for the funeral speech on the Ides, which gives you an idea of his inclinations even before Caesar is assassinated, he says “Give me your ears” which Pyrrha, daughter of Pandora, and traveler from another timeline, admonishes him is a poor choice of words. But Antony, being Antony, says he’ll damn well take their ears if he wants to!  History, mythology and science all merge together in this fast-paced story! Along with grammar.



Several combat missiles aimed at the sky. Isolated on a white background. Missile weapons.

Shadow Warriors: Omega Sanction is .99 today only.

I wrote this book while war-gaming various threats that could occur outside of the ones people usually think of such as nuclear. What’s really scary are developments in biological warfare. For a long time biological warfare has been inefficient because it targets indiscriminately. So the threat is as exposed as the target. But science is now allowing biological weapons to be targeted for certain gene patterns, which raises the specter of biological genocide.

Sadly, I believe such a weapon will be deployed, because man has this strange bent: if we can invent it, we can use it. In Omega Sanction my Special Forces hero has to stop the threat; echoing what is happening out there in the real world, where the true heroes operate in the darkness with little thanks and recognition.

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Stay warm and safe!

Caesar ShjhakespeareCaesar: Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
Cry “Caesar!” Speak, Caesar is turn’d to hear.

Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March.

Caesar: What man is that?

Brutus: A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

Julius Caesar, Act 1, scene 2, 15-19

I’m warning you now: Beware the Ides of March!

Or enjoy the book. Your choice. But don’t say you weren’t warned.

Two months until publication of Time Patrol: Ides of March.

Six missions to the past to stop six attacks on our timeline all on the 15th of March, but in six different years:

44 B.C. Of course.

480 B.C. King Leonidas defends Thermopylae with 300 Spartans.

1917 A.D. The last Tsar, Alexendar II, abdicates.

493 A.D. Theoderic assassinates Odoacer in Ravenna; signaling the last gasp of the Western Roman Empire.

1493 A.D. Christopher Columbus arrives in Spain after discovering the New World.

250px-Newburgh_Address1783 A.D. George Washington makes the Newburgh Speech, quelling a coup by his officers against Congress. (actual document at right).

Reference Caesar: Actually, the original source about the warning attributes it to a seer, Spurinna, who made it well before the Ides, probably, like 2 months. Exactly. Today. In 44 B.C. Just like I’m warning you. Today in 2016.

And Caesar, as we know (or do we? That’s the point of the Time Patrol) ignored the warning. So he’s strolling to the Senate on the morning of 15 March and as he approaches the Senate sees Spurinna chilling on the corner.

Caesar calls out: “You realize the Ides have come?”

And Spurinna’s says: “You realize they have not yet gone?”

Yeah. Such is fate.

Ides(4b)Of course, I do wonder why psychics never play the lottery and why faith healers never go to hospitals? Hmm.

Pre-order is live for Ides, so you’ve got plenty of time. You’ve been warned.

Time Patrol: Ides of March

15 March 2016

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